Overlord II

Carrying on her celebrated work on Overlord, Rhianna returned for the sequel as writer, co-story design and voice director. Once again working with Codemasters and Triumph Studios, she helped spin another twisted fantasy tale about the rise of the next generation of evil, from Overlad to Overlord.

“The classic humour of the series returns, and Rhianna Pratchett has once again performed brilliantly with the script for Overlord II. While I preferred the setting of the original game to that of the Roman-esque era that Overlord II depicts, it still manages to impress me with great one-liners, a gripping story and twisted fantasy.” Videogames Reloaded

There’s a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments in a well-written script, penned by the acclaimed fantasy writer, Rhianna Pratchett” PlayStation Universe