Rhianna Pratchett is a multidisciplined writer who grew up in the ’80s watching movies like Terminator, Aliens and Conan the Barbarian. She thought that fighting killer aliens or robots from the future (and possibly James Earl Jones) was just something women did. Sadly, reality did not live up to these early expectations and so Rhianna decided to join an industry where that might just happen – videogames…

Having cut her journalistic teeth on PC Zone magazine and The Guardian newspaper, penning numerous features and columns on games, movies and books, Rhianna moved into script writing and narrative design for the gaming industry in 2002. There her writing chops got her nominated for a BAFTA for Heavenly Sword, and she went on to win a WGGB for Overlord and a WGA for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Alongside helping battle-harden Lara Croft, Rhianna has also authored comics for Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Dynamite and Kodansha Comics, working with both established characters and game tie-in miniseries. There she created an origin story for Red Sonja’s chainmail bikini and had Lara fighting bad guys on the London Underground dressed as one of the Bennet sisters, which she credits among her greatest achievements.

As well as writing several of her own short stories, Rhianna stepped into her father’s Discworld in 2023, co-authoring the in-world guide, Tiffany Aching’s Guide to Being a Witch which has become an Amazon bestseller. She also wrote the Fighting Fantasy novel, Crystal of Storms, crafted poo-jokes for Campaigns and Companions: The Complete Role Playing Guide for Pets, and dropped a little game narrative wisdom in Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing and Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames.

In the film and TV world, Rhianna has worked with Film4, New Regency, Complete Fiction, the Henson Company, and The Bureau, specialising in book-to-screen adaptations. As co-director of Narrativia, the production company which holds exclusive multimedia and merchandising rights to her father Terry Pratchett‘s works, Rhianna is involved in the adaptation of multiple Discworld novels for television and film.

Rhianna has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate, a Fellowship from UAL and a ‘Best Deetz’ award.

She lives in London and likes hard liquor and soft cats.