Working with Triumph Studios and Codemasters as writer, Rhianna acted as co-story designer and co-audio director on Overlord and its expansion, Overlord: Raising Hell. The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain’s Best Videogame Script award was bestowed upon Rhianna for her work on the game.

“Overlord: Raising Hell is probably one of the best games currently available on PS3, blessed with clever design, engaging characters, sharp dialogue and a moreish appeal that drags you through even when the going gets tough.” Eurogamer

“Out in front stands the writing which I’m prepared to call quite good. If you’re trying to beat Nintendo at its own game, that’s a challenge; and if you’re trying to write “ironic evil” dialogue and keep it fresh, you’re compounding that challenge. I’ll be damned if they haven’t taken a good run at it.” Tycho, Penny Arcade.