Fighting Fantasy: Crystal of Storms

As part of Scholastic’s revitalization of Fighting Fantasy, Rhianna penned her own quirky take on the books becoming the first woman to write for the popular non-linear adventure series created by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson in the 1980’s.

Rhianna’s writing though is what makes the book so special. It’s full of humour that was often missing from the original books, that took their fantasy and science fiction settings seriously. Here the monsters lend a nod to the wordplay that was a hallmark of her father’s writing, as well as plenty of nods to the grandfather of role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons. There’s the Grapes Of Wrath, and the Dragon Fruit Tree, creatures of puns monstrous in nature. We also see a world where technology and magic are fused into one with technological creations fused with magic crystals. There’s a sense that this is a world that has been held in limbo in Rhianna’s mind for a long time, until the right moment to be put to paper. Whether it’s a world that Rhianna will return to in a more traditional way remains to be seen. There’s certainly enough that a return to Pangaria could be warranted.’ Devolution Magazine

‘There is a great energy to her prose, and she really does make Pangaria come alive in her vivid descriptions… The end battle in particular is very exciting written and at no point did I find any let up in the pace… It is exciting, highly original, thematically intriguing and unusual, well-written, and the mystery approach does make you want to play.’ FFreviewermalthusd