Campaigns and Companions

Following on from her literary debut as the first woman to pen a Fighting Fantasy novel with A Crystal of Storms, Rhianna embraced her love of pets, comedy and games by teaming up with Andi Ewington to create Campaigns and Companions. This complete role-playing guide for pets expands on the premise – What if your pets could play D&D? And what if they were… kind of jerks about it?

“Dangerously funny — I had to make a saving throw vs side-splitting. Pet adventurers — you have been warned!” — Ian Livingstone

“Will make you chuckle away to yourself until those around you move away rapidly as they start questioning your sanity.” ― Devolution Magazine

“Filled to the brim with the funniest situations related to D&D.” ― FanFiAddict

“A beautiful book that will have you in stitches by the first page. Make space for Campaigns & Companions next to your Players Handbook.” ― Beneath A Thousand Skies

“A lot of fun. Recommended!” — Rufus Hound

“Daft, geeky fun and absolutely ideal for anyone who likes rolling dice whilst fighting dragons.” ― Starburst Magazine

“Geeky, glorious and guaranteed to delight Dungeons & Dragons aficionados, this utterly hilarious role-playing guide for pets will have its readers in stitches from the very first page.” ― Waterstones – Best Humour Books of 2021