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Working with the UK-based Climax Studios, Rhianna helped give the Overlord franchise a make-over for the Wii-generation as writer, co-story designer and voice director on Overlord: Dark Legend.

Overlord was shortlisted in the 2008 Develop Awards for Best New IP and won for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain’s Best Videogame Script award.

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"Rhianna Pratchett has done a fantastic job in scripting the story for the series and I hope that she continues to involve herself in it for the inevitable additional games."  Videogames Reloaded

"Dark Legend introduces some fairly complicated gameplay in a painless way while maintaining focus on a great storyline, excellent dialogue, and the sheer glee of making a bunch of underlings break a lot of stuff along the way."  1UP

"The writing and voice acting are well-done and funny, creating an atmosphere of dark-yet-giddy comedy. Dark Legend gets the tone just right, and kudos to everyone involved, especially writer Rhianna Pratchett, for that."  Cheat Code Central

"Full of personality, dark humour, and fun gameplay."  NintendoWorldReport

"As an introduction to the Overlord brand, there's no doubt that Overlord: Dark Legend does a fine job. With its joyfully evil brand of warm humour enlivening every encounter, it's a game that makes you feel good about being bad."  Eurogamer

"Series writer Rhianna Pratchett returns to lend her fanciful take on the fairytale. The result shares much of the same tongue-in-cheek sensibility as works like The Princess Bride and Shrek. The story is light, but appropriately so, keeping the humour in line with the series' facetious take on high fantasy."  Game Trailers

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