Overlord II

Carrying on her Overlord work, Rhianna returned for the sequel as writer, co story designer and voice director. Once again working with the fantastic Triumph Studios and The Audio Guys, she helped spin another twisted fantasy tale about the rise of the next generation of evil, from Overlad to Overlord.

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"Silly, fun and downright laughable video games, in a good way, are rare or to be blunt about it, video games which are actually funny instead of trying to be funny and failing miserably are a rare treat. Overlord was fun but I was unprepared for the numerous moments in the
game where I laughed out loud and smiled over the simple
and sly humour penned by Rhianna Pratchett, who also worked on some of my favourite video games Heavenly Sword, Mirrors Edge and Viking: Battle for Asgard. If you have played through her games you will see her attention to story detail and she certainly did not hold back with her considerable talent this time when penning Overlord 2."  GameFocus

"O2’s in-game story integration and visual prowess is in a class by itself. The Grimm fairytale meets Monty Python universe they began with Overlord is now in full, hilarious, stride. Not only are there far more characters (friend, foe, and otherwise) but they are many times more expressive and meticulously designed. From the tree-hugging elves to the blubbery mermaids, every crazy caricature is bursting with vim and vigour."  
Play Magazine

"The story is informed by a surprisingly literate sense of humour that’s more tongue-in-cheek than hand-in-armpit."  
The Onion A.V. Club

"The writing — credited to Rhianna Pratchett — is superb.
There are hints of Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, Tolkien and even Peter Molyneux’s Fable to be found here.
The writing is so dense, and the jokes fly at you at such an alarming rate, that many of them will sail right
by you if you’re not listening carefully.
“The game isn't afraid to let the audience miss something,” John Teti said to me during our discussion of the game. “That’s so important in comedy.”"  
Crispy Gamer

"The outrageously humorous plot is penned by Rhianna Pratchett and her tongue firmly in cheek. Humour is one of the magical ingredients that make the touchy parodies in the game so accessible."  
Impulse Gamer

"Along with the same basic gameplay, Overlord II keeps the same British humor antics that was demonstrated before. For this pleasure you can once again thank Rhianna Pratchett (Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge) for the addictive narrative in Overlord II. Overlord’s writing is one strong factor that helps this title separate itself from the rest of the herd. Really, who could ever question the idea of ruling over mankind as an Overlord? It’s a brilliant concept and Overlord II milks it for all its worth."  
eXtreme Gamer

"There are a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments in a well-written script, penned by the acclaimed fantasy writer, Rhianna Pratchett."  
PlayStation Universe

"The classic humour of the series returns and Rhianna Pratchett has once again performed brilliantly with the script for Overlord II. While I preferred the setting of the original game to that of the Roman-esque era that Overlord II depicts, it still manages to impress me with great one-liners, a gripping story and twisted fantasy."  
Videogames Reloaded

"Thanks to Rhianna Pratchett’s writing (reprising her role from the first game), and the simply fantastic voice cast, everything about Overlord II crackles with life and verve."  

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