Rhianna worked as writer and co story-designer on this award-winning first-person action-adventure game, from EA DICE. Her role included creating the main storyline for the game, fleshing out the IP, characters, themes, setting and tone, plus creating the full script and level dialogue, assisting in casting, voice direction and publicity.

Mirror’s Edge tells the story of Faith, a member of an aerial courier network, known as the Runners. These skilled athletes use free-running and Parkour moves to transport information and data around the rooftops of a city, where traditional forms of communication are highly monitored.

When her sister, Kate, a member of the City Protection Force is accused of murdering a local politician running for Mayor, Faith is forced to delve into the dark underbelly of the city to clear her name.

Rhianna also wrote the 6-part Mirror’s Edge mini-series for DC Comics.

"Mirror’s Edge is still a unique game in every way. The story is captivating, the action is exciting, and the graphics are even better on the PC than they were on the consoles."

"The story is surprisingly gripping due to its well produced cutscenes, excellent dialogue, voice acting, and pacing. Simply put, you must play Mirror’s Edge."  Gamer 2.0

"Faith is likeable, a rare humble protagonist who’s willing to express something other than detached sarcasm."  PC Gamer UK

"The storyline reels out a familiar assortment of conspiracies, family strife and betrayals via sexy cell-shaded cut scenes which put us in mind of the Animatrix, and is, on the whole, rather good. Faith is a likeable lead, thanks in part to some talented voice-acting, and the small cast which forms around her are deftly realised."  Kikizo

"The story, supported by a new female protagonist that easily proves she deserves a franchise as much as Lara Croft or Joanna Dark, is a decent yarn that any fan of the Orwellian genre will appreciate."  Atomic Gamer

"The storyline seems more or less created to give a purpose to the parkour inspired action platforming gameplay, but it does that perfectly and creates a convincing totalitarian atmosphere. No other game released this year comes close to being as cool. We can’t wait to see what Faith gets up to next."

"Its starkly colorful graphics and slick anime cinematics are expressly designed to wire directly into your nerd-joy cortex — and they do. With such raw creativity and built-in speed-run appeal, Mirror’s Edge will transfix you for a long, long time."  Official Xbox Magazine

Press Releases

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Rhianna has also been interviewed by numerous print publications around the world about Mirror’s Edge. Including EGM and Official PS3 Magazine US.


Won — New IP at E3 ’08

Won — Best New Xbox 360 game at Leipzig ’08

Won — 2008 NAViGaTR Awards for Original Action Game

Won — AIAS Award ‘09: Best Adventure Game of the Year

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