As part of a new collaboration between Crystal Dynamics and Dark Horse Comics, Rhianna wrote the prequel story Tomb Raider: The Beginning, which was distributed with pre-orders of the game. The 48-page, six-part hardcover omnibus, tells the tale of how the Endurance crew came together for their fateful mission. Originally intended to be the latest feature in Dr. James Whitman’s successful archaeology show, Whitman’s World, the eclectic crew faces trials and tribulations even before setting sail. For a sneak peak, please visit the comic’s Facebook page here.

“What makes the book such a solid success is the structuring and pacing — this is a textbook example of how to tell a coherent story in a varied fashion.

Action sequence leads into flashback leads to introspection into revelation leads into end of the issue. It may be a side effect of having a series/franchise so unrelentingly focused on its main character, but in comics it feels like a breath of fresh air, reminding of just how rarely a book primarily based around the intrigue of its main plot manages to stick to a regular monthly schedule.” Comics Daily

Rhianna recently completed a 6-part mini-series with DC Comics based on the Mirror’s Edge world. The comics are set approximately 5 years before the start of the game and revolve around how Faith met Merc, joined the Runners and started a new life high above the city streets.

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Issue #1 — OUT NOW< Issue #2 — OUT NOW Issue #3 — OUT NOW

Issue #4 — OUT NOW Issue #5 — OUT NOW Issue #6 — OUT NOW

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