Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing
(Edited by: Wendy Despain)

Published by A. K. Peters, this book was put together by members of the IGDA’s Writers’ Special Interest Group. Rhianna contributed the chapter on Writing for New IPs in which she drew on her experiences with Heavenly Sword and the Overlord franchise.

Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames
(Edited by: Chris Bateman)

Rhianna wrote the chapter entitled Needs of the Audience in the IGDA Writers’ SIG’s first book which was published by Charles River Media.

Where Evil Lurks: Special Edition

In collaboration with composer Alex Otterlei, Rhianna wrote the short story entitled The House to accompany the re-release of Otterlei’s album Where Evil Lurks.


CLASH: Videogames takes a look at the development of the computer games, from simple 2D graphics to the life-like 3D modelling we have today.

CLASH’s books offers older students subjects they love, edgy, cool designs that will appeal to teenagers, dramatic imagery, and fact-packed, accessible text expertly levelled for older readers with reading ages of between 7 and 8 years.

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